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In aquarium applications, an ozonizer, or ozone generator, can be utilized to help maximize water quality. With this type of system, air is pumped into the ozonizer unit (sometimes after first passing through an air dryer to eliminate humidity) where it is exposed to, in most modern models, a high-voltage electrical discharge (although some models use UV rays), which breaks apart the oxygen molecules. As the molecules recombine, some ozone is formed. The gas then enters a protein skimmer chamber or ozone reactor where it mixes with aquarium water. The outflow from the chamber is then filtered through activated carbon to remove any residual ozone before the water returns to the aquarium.

Protect your reef and saltwater systems. Ozotech technology uses all-natural, safe and effective ozone antimicrobial disinfection.


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Poseidon Ozone Generators

  • Three Poseidon generator models to choose from
  • Easy to maintain
  • Cost effective and easy to setup
  • Perfect to maintain healthy reef and saltwater systems

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BTU System

  • Engineered for consistent ozone output
  • Uses tubular technology, no plates or screens to clog
  • Corrosion resistant, powder-coated chassis
  • Built in flow switches and safety interlock switches
  • Reliable and easy to use

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