Chemical-Free Water Treatment

Ozone is the most effective and rapidly acting primary disinfectant available for drinking water treatment. The U.S. bottled water manufacturing industry has used ozone for many years and municipalities around the world have also embraced ozone use in municipal drinking water treatment plants. Since using ozone technology for water treatment has become so accepted and often recommended, it’s understandable that interest in ozone systems is increasing.


Along with disinfection, the use of ozone for drinking water treatment has many other benefits such as improved taste and color removal, iron and manganese removal, and insecticide removal. Ozone’s high oxidation potential gives it excellent germicidal properties. Ozone is 52% stronger than chlorine, and will oxidize much more rapidly without the use of harsh chemicals.


AIM Industrial-Grade Ozone Generator

  • Control manually or electronically
  • Air cooled
  • Easy to read digital readout
  • Available in a variety of sizes to better suit specific applications

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Industrial Water Treatment Systems

  • 5-10 GPM system is a self-contained disinfection system that injects ozone into solution
  • 10 -20 GPM and 20-30 GPM capacity systems are complete ozone injection water treatment systems
  • 30-60 GPM water treatment system includes our AIM technology ozone generators paired with a supporting oxygen concentrator.
  • Provide ozone treatment in accordance with FDA, USDA, and IBWA guidelines.

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Enhanced Oxidation Generator

  • Easy to install and built to last
  • Removes minerals such as iron and magnesium instantly
  • Safe for septic systems
  • Low maintenance
  • Helps to eliminate unwanted odors within water

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PCS PRO Ozone Generator

  • High or low ozone output;The “Low” setting will produce 220mg/hr. ozone, while the “High” setting will produce 440mg/hr. ozone
  • Use in a variety of configurations to accommodate a wide range of applications
  • create ozone through the action of high voltage, low current electrical “arcs” across an air space.
  • offers maximum flexibility, efficiency, and effectiveness for many applications

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