BTU Series

Ozone Generator

The BTU system has been engineered with an economic and high-quality foundation. Our tried and true cold-spark corona discharge technology has been redesigned into a smaller overall package with a handsome black powder coating for improved appearance. BTU system generators are easy to use and maintain. Each unit’s superior reliability extends from the BTU generator’s corrosion resistant chassis to its built-in air flow meters and safety interlock switches.


Applications Include: Bottled water, cooling towers, well water, car washes, swimming pools and spas, textile mills, and many other applications.



Systems are engineered for consistent ozone output. By using tubular technology, there are no plates or screens to clog up or short out making sure it’s ready when you need it. Plus, the solid-state electronics are designed for optimum performance.



All BTU units feature attractive powder-coated aluminum enclosures that resists corrosion. Units are easy to service so they can continue to perform at maximum efficiency.

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