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Enhanced Oxidation Generator

The Ozotech Enhanced Oxidation Generator (EOG), when combined with the Clack Corporation automatic water filter control valve will provide active ozone during the back-wash process and leaves a head of ozone in the filter. This patented process aides in the oxidization, cleaning, and the filtering of iron, manganese, sulphate and various other heavy metals from your water. Utilizing the OzotechEOG can also aid in anti-microbial protection against nuisance bacteria and reduce unwanted odors.

The OzotechEOG is the “Next New Technology” in water treatment and has a place in any water company’s water treatment toolbox. There is no better system on the market.



With just a few steps, the compact OzotechEOG mounts directly onto the Clack® control valve. The system includes the patented stainless steel Ozotech CD cell and features an all-weather enclosure.



Ozone is proven to destroy microorganisms and remove minerals such as iron and magnesium instantly and effectively without harmful residue. The system will also assist in eliminating unwanted odors such as rotten egg, stale, or musty smells.



With no chemicals or pumps to maintain, the OzotechEOG requires very little maintenance. The system is also energy efficient drawing only milliamps per day. A cleaning kit and instructional video are available upon request.



Ozone has been proven to kill bacteria faster than chlorine, eliminating the need for traditional chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide or chlorine typically used to disinfect water. The OzotechEOG is safe for the environment including septic systems. 



With more than 30 years developing and manufacturing ozone technology, Ozotech products are safe, reliable and proven. The OzotechEOG has been tested by Clack® to be compatible with their ozone resistant control valve.

EOG Filter Oxidizer FAQs

What would be the ideal situation to try the Ozotech EOG? 

Slight rotten egg odors or metallic tastes that stem from iron, manganese, IRB’s or mild H2S. 

Is it a unique solution for a unique issue, or is it enhancing an existing solution? 

The EOG generator is an enhancement of the AIO type systems controlling bacteria build up in the dome area of the tank and reducing odors related to that build up. 

Who is the target market for the Ozotech EOG? 

The EOG II when added to a Clack AIO system will increase the oxidation process and re-oxidize medias such as Katalox Lite, Greensand Plus or Titanium oxide. It also controls the buildup of iron-related bacteria, nuisance bacteria and aerobic bacteria thus controlling associated tastes and smells. 

With this type of water Katalox lite, Greensand Plus or Titanium oxide All would work well in a 10 x 54 vessel. 

The typical water analysis would be: 

Iron <5 ppm 

Manganese <1 ppm 

pH >6.5 


Pink Algae 


What filtration media works well with ozone? 

Usually media choice is determined by our OEMs. Some use Katalox Lite, Greensand Plus or titanium oxide. All of these work well with ozone but would be dependent on factors such as pH, organics or turbidity. 

Does the Ozotech EOG work with the Clack ‘filter’ valve? 

The EOG requires a Clack valve set up in the AIO configuration and needs an EE board to turn it on. 

Does the Ozotech EOG help with bacterial iron issues? 

Yes, many of our OEM’s report success with not only iron bacteria but all IRB’s and nuisance bacteria. 

Does the Ozotech EOG work well with Birm? 

No. Clack does not recommend the use of Birm with ozone. 

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With 30 years of experience in the applied ozone industry, contact Steve, our Application Engineer at 530.842.4189 EXT 102 for assistance or via email.

Enhanced Oxidation Generator

SKU: 31506

Ozone Production Rate: 220mg/hr
Current: 1.2 Amps
Voltage: 12VDC @600 Ma

7.5 “ L x 4 1/4” W x 2 3/8” D

19 cm x 11 cm x 6 cm)

Weight: 1.3 lbs