Industrial- Grade Ozone Generators

Using our 30 years of experience in the ozone manufacturing industry, we designed the best value in the ozone generators on the market today. The AIM series generators are designed using our patented “Cold Spark” corona discharge cells, exclusive to Ozotech products, for maximum performance. AIM series generators are air cooled, feature a digital power setting readout, and can be controlled manually or electronically by a simple external discrete signal from any ozone controller or ORP. 

Perfect for the following applications:

•Water treatment



•Bottled water

•Commercial aquariums

SKU Description
30365-01 AIM. 20 – F, Ozone Gen. 230VAC 
30365-02 AIM20-V/PM, 115VAC, 50/60HZ
30365-03 AIM20-F/V/PM, 230VAC, 50/60HZ

Have a question? Let us help!

With 30 years of experience in the applied ozone industry, contact Steve, our Application Engineer at 530.842.4189 EXT 102 for assistance or via email.