Air Max Clean Sweep System


Ozone Air Sanitizing System

There’s nothing more important than keeping first responders and other essential personnel protected from harm, including bacteria and viruses. The Air Max Clean Sweep system is designed to provide the final stage of the decontamination process. After gross decontamination and cleaning, Clean Sweep will penetrate the hidden areas of the vehicle where bacteria and viruses can collect and resurface.

Clean Sweep air sanitizing units reduce organic odor and fumes through the principle of oxidation. Note: Ozone accumulation varies with odor intensity and air temperature. The system includes three Ozotech Micro Max air sanitizing systems and an ozone air meter, all stored in a portable carrying case so it can travel where it’s needed quickly and easily. Compact size, consistent ozone output, rugged enclosure, and portability make this system perfect for so many applications*.

*Areas being treated with Air Max systems must not be occupied by humans or animals during the operation of these systems.



• Ultra-reliable ceramic and stainless steel CD technology -no plates to clog up or short out!

• 200 mg/hr ozone output per unit

• Attractive high-impact aluminum enclosure

• 12 VDC, 320 ma

• Medium frequency, solid-state electronics

• Wall mountable

• Quiet – 26 dba noise level fan



• Compact size

• Consistent ozone output

• Rugged enclosure

• Portable

• Lightweight and corrosion resistant

• High reliability and easy to service


SKU: 30306

Each System Includes:

3 – 200 mg/hr Air Max 200 air sanitizing units

3 – Timers

1 – Handheld ozone meter

1 – Hard-side carrying case

1- Complete instruction manual

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