Wide Range Antimicrobial Wash System

Effective ozone systems for the food and wine industry. Designed to clean processing equipment and contact surfaces, the AZ Series Antimicrobial Wash System reduces bacteria, mold and fungus easily and effectively without the use of harmful chemicals. The system is ideal for wine barrel washing, press wash-down, bottle rinsing, food packaging/preparation areas, storage tanks, and treatment of water supply lines.

Inside the AZ Series-All Weather System

The AZ Series-All Weather is built to withstand hazardous environments. The Nema 4 enclosure protects the electronics while the stainless steel frame and piping, along with an ozone compatible recirculation pump, ensure against corrosion. The AZ Series can also be an ozone injection device mounted in a permanent location for small bottled water systems.


Capable of rinsing and sanitizing with ozonated water at:

• 5-20 GPM

• Up to 80 psi


Power Requirements 

• Available in 115 VAC or 230 VAC models


Ozone Output

• 6 g/hr


System Dimensions 

The AZ Series-All Weather System shown with optional white exterior and painted frame.

• 24” W x 28” D x 48” H – Cart mounted


Current Draw – Power Usage 

• 115 VAC – 13 amps

• 230 VAC – 6.5 amps


Supply Water Requirements

• Temperature – 40 °F to 80 °F

• Pressure – 35 psi minimum

• Flow – 1 GPM minimum


Oxygen Feed 

• Built-in oxygen concentrator for maximum ozone output


Safety Features

• Interlock switch

• Pressure switch

• 20 amp GFCI

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