Bottled Water Systems

Around the world, the bottled water industry uses Ozotech Bottled Water Systems to add to the final stage of their bottling process.  Ozotech Bottled Water Systems provide ozone treatment in accordance with FDA, USDA, and IBWA guidelines.


5 -10 GPM BWS  

The Ozotech 5-10 GPM BWS is a self-contained disinfection system that injects ozone into solution, allowing for a 4-minute contact time to ensure biological kill. The system includes the OZ1BTUMini™ ozone generator, 3L oxygen concentrator, venturi injector, ORP controller, ozone resistant pump and stainless steel contact tank on an extruded aluminum frame.




10 -20 GPM & 20-30 GPM BWS 

The 10 -20 GPM and 20-30 GPM capacity systems are complete ozone injection bottled water systems. Featuring a BTU Series ozone generator and on-board oxygen concentrator for maximum ozone output. Both systems include an ORP controller, ozone resistant pump, venturi injector, and stainless steel contact tank on an extruded aluminum frame.




30 – 60 GPM BWS  

Our 30-60 GPM bottled water system includes our AIM technology ozone generators paired with a supporting oxygen concentrator. This system includes stainless steel contact tanks and ozone resistant pump mounted on an extruded aluminum frame, along with an integrated ORP 4-20mA controller and our venturi injector. Our bottled water systems are easy to install with direct manufacturer’s technical support.


Bottled Water System in the News!

Antigua Distillery Limited Installs Ozotech Bottled Water System for Final Barrier of Disinfection and Quality for their Oasis® Water Brand

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5-10 GPM Bottled Water System
10-20 GPM Bottled Water System
Bottled Water System