Mega Max Ozone Air Treatment

Mega Max is engineered around the reliable cold spark corona discharge technology and enclosed in an attractive high-impact aluminum.  Mega Max uses channeled air for optimum efficiency and has no plates to clog up. Its compact size, consistent ozone output, and portability make this unit compatible for a variety of applications. Note: Ozone accumulation varies with odor intensity and air temperature.  Not to be applied during periods of time when humans and animals are present.


• Tubular technology – No plates or screens to clog up or short out

• Attractive powder-coated aluminum enclosure

• 2000 G/hr ozone output

• 12 VDC, 320 mA

• Medium frequency, solid-state electronics

• Wall mountable, compact size, high reliability

• Easy to service

• Quiet— 106 CFM noise level fan


Perfect for the following applications:

RV’s, boat cabins for mold, mildew and odor, tobacco odors, animal odors, fire restoration, restrooms, used car detailing, to deodorize pet cages

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Mega Max