Becoming an Ozotech Distributor

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What are the obligations of the distributor partner to Ozotech?

  • Duty of the distributor to purchase and maintain a minimum quantity of $5K of both products and spare parts in market distributor serve
  • To maintain inventory at a level that supports volume distributor is purchasing
  • To promote the products to customers in markets served
  • To provide after-sales services and stock parts


Q. What are Ozotech’s obligations to the distributor?

A. The first loyalty of the manufacturer is to the distributor and its customer base:

  • To supply the products in a timely basis
  • To provide information of the products
  • To provide education and technical support
  • To provide appropriate marketing assistance


Q. Will my company have access to trademark and intellectual property?

A. Yes, an authorized distributor will have the rights of the distributor to use suppliers’ trademarks to promote Ozotech products and to sell Ozotech patented IP products.


Q. What are the Terms of Sale / Price of the Products

A. Terms of sales are cash on delivery (COD) until credit line is established. All international purchases are COD.


Q. How are prices charged to the distributor?

A. The distributor will receive volume discount pricing.


Q. How are prices charged to the consumer?

A. Ozotech will supply MSRP and may advertise MSRP but will not undercut MAP pricing.


Q. Is the distributor free to set its own prices?

A. Yes but Ozotech may publish MSRP for any product.


Q. Can the manufacturer change the prices?

A. Yes. Ozotech will provide a 60-day notice of any increase in prices.


Q. Does the manufacturer provide warranty for the products?

A. Yes, most product warranties are one-year.


Q. What obligations does the distributor have with regards to the warranties?

A. Ozotech expects distributor to manage and maintain positive customer service to the end user.


Q. What happens if the distributor receives defective products?

A. Ozotech will replace any defective product within the one-year warranty period.


Q. What are the procedures for defective products?

A. The distributor will contact Ozotech to receive a Return material authorization (RMA). Once the distributor is given the RMA, the defective product is shipped back to Ozotech and once received, will ship out a replacement product to the distributor.