Corona Discharge Cell Cleaning Kit

While we recommend corona discharge cells, or CD cells, within Ozotech products be replaced annually, they are designed for easy cleaning throughout the year. Periodic cleaning of the CD cell is important, extending the life of your equipment and ensuring your generator continues to operate effectively and efficiently. Follow the recommended instructions linked below to properly clean your CD cell.

The kit is designed for use with the following Ozotech products:

Cleaning Instructions

Step 1:

Disconnect the cell from the unit by removing cell-to-board electrical connections and the CD cell from it’s mounting clips. Remove the tubing from the cell barbs.  





Step 2:

Connect the longer piece of clear tubing from your cleaning kit to one of the cell barbs. Attach the shorter piece of clear tubing from the kit to the open CD cell barb. Insert the tubing adapter, attached to the syringe, into the open end of the short piece of tubing. Fill the beaker included in your kit with warm water. Place the open end of the long clear tube into the beaker. Now you’re ready to flush the cell.





Step 3:

Flush water through the cell by pulling back and pushing the syringe plunger. Water may become cloudy or discolored as the nitric byproducts are released from the CD cell during flushing. Discard and replace warm water in the beaker as cloudiness continues. Flush the CD cell until the water is clear.





Step 4: 

Remove both pieces of tubing from the CD cell barbs. Dry the cell using the can of compressed air supplied in your kit. Place the nozzle of the compressed air into one of the barbs of the CD cell. Depress the trigger on the can to dry the cell until all moisture is evacuated from the cell.