Poseidon 400 Ozone Generator

The ozone technology inside the Poseidon 400 produces 220 mg/hr of ozone on low mode and 440 mg/hr of ozone on high mode. The power supply converts 110-220 VAC/ 50-60Hz to 12 VDC to operate with safe, low voltage operation. 


Power: 8.4 Watts to 15.6 Watts

Operating Voltage: 110-220 VAC, 50/60 Hz regulated to 12 VAC

Current: 2 Amps


Variable Output:

220 mg/hr. (low)

440 mg/hr. (high)


Add an Air Dryer to Your Poseidon to Increase Ozone Output & Generator Efficiency

Complete the system with an Ozotech air dryer. Incredible quality and value in an Ozone feed air treatment line that will provide flawless service and performance.