The Ozotech Difference

Over the last 40 years, we’ve worked hard to be considered the leading manufacturer of ozone generation equipment for water treatment and aquatics applications.

Our success is based on a number of factors:

      • Constant improvement of technology and manufacturing processes
      • High customer satisfaction
      • Commitment to sustainable technology
      • Dedication to excellent customer service and quality

Ozotech systems satisfy the demands from a variety of global markets within the water treatment industry. Just about anywhere there is a need for clean water, sanitization, or pure air, there is a use for ozone. Ozotech is here to meet that need.

An important component of our ozone generators, the corona discharge tube.

About Ozone

Ozone is recognized as a powerful cleaner and disinfectant and has been used successfully in commercial water treatment applications since the late 1800s when the first ozone generator was introduced. Since then, engineers have improved ozone technology to combat common water treatment issues.