EOG 200 with Sustainable Air Dryer

Introducing our cutting-edge solution for superior water treatment – the EOG 200 ozone generator, seamlessly integrated with an auto-regenerating air dryer. This advanced system reduces nuisance bacteria within the filter and enhances iron filtration without the use of chemicals with unparalleled efficiency while ensuring a continuous supply of dry and clean air.

Unleash the power of ozone technology to eliminate iron impurities paired with the convenience of an auto-regenerating air dryer, this comprehensive system not only purifies water but also enhances the overall efficiency of your water treatment process.



The air dryer is a single-bed, air dryer that automatically regenerates its dryer during the day and provides dry air by night during EOG 200 regeneration.



The auto-regenerative feature minimizes the need for frequent maintenance, saving both time and resources.



Moisture, combined with Nitrogen will create Nitric acid deposits in the CD Cell. The EOG with sustainable air dryer reduces moisture and can reduce cleaning time, increase cell life and a delivers a more sustainable technology.



Our regenerative air dryer provides a consistent supply of dry air, ensuring that the EOG 200 ozone generator operates reliably and consistently over time. This can lead to more predictable results and greater control over the ozone generation process.

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