Poseidon Trouble Shooting

If your Poseidon 200 is on and you do not smell any ozone coming out, below are a few paths for trouble shooting. If you still have questions after reviewing this information, please reach out so we can assist you:  Contact Us

Path 1. Blockage in a line

  • The Poseidon requires a device to push/pull the air through the unit. If no air is flowing through the Poseidon, you will not smell any ozone. 
  • If you have a protein skimmer and do not smell ozone, check the air inlet connection at the skimmer and outlet airline.
  • If using a skimmer and Poseidon check for any buildup or a blockage in the line. It is common overtime to get a hard buildup of materials at the pump air inlet. Flush with warm water.
  • If using an ozone reactor, ensure all hoses are connected and the inline vacuum air pump is working properly

Path 2. Corona Discharge (CD) Cell Maintenance

  • Has your CD cell been flushed/cleaned in the past 6 months? If so and the color of the flushing water was/is clear your cell is clean. If the water being flushed through the cell is yellow, there is still a build-up of nitric acid inside the cell and it needs to be cleaned again or replaced.
  • We recommend servicing the cell quarterly and replacing annually.

 Path 3. Corona Discharge (CD) Cell Movement

  • Rarely but it is possible the CD cell can move during shipping. If a new unit and you do not smell ozone and followed the above paths, open the unit and inspect the CD cell. The CD cell should be clipped in the cell retaining clips. If it’s not, gently place the cell into both retaining clips.
  • While open, inspect the circuit board to ensure all wires appear to be connected and there are no visible signs of damage.
  • Ensure the two snapper clips that hold the hose to the CD cell are snug.