The Ozone Molecule

Ozone is a gas made up of three (3) atoms of oxygen:

O + O + O = O3

Oxygen (we breathe) is made up of two (2) atoms of oxygen:

O + O = O2


The atoms in O2 are stable – each atom “holds on” to the other.

The atoms in O3 consist of a stable pair (O2) and a third, unstable atom.

It is the unstable atom that gives ozone its power!  Ozone is generated when energy “splits” the stable O2 bond.

Ozone Can be Generated in Three Ways:

1. Naturally occurring

  • Formed when lightning strikes
  • Ozone layer formed by UV energy from the sun

2. Man made (incidental)

  • Welding, copy machines

3. Man made (deliberate)

  • Corona Discharge ozone generation
  • UV ozone generation

The Hydrological Cycle

Ozone is often referred to as natures disinfectant:

  • Generated from sunlight, ultraviolet rays and lightning
  • Nature’s way of controlling bacteria growth within the environment
  • Has distinctive sweet odor similar to the smell after summer rain storm
  • Most effective in killing viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites


Ozone is proven to have a much higher disinfection potential compared to all other methods of disinfection.