AIM Series Ozone Generators

AIM series ozone generators are designed using cold spark corona discharge cells, exclusive to Ozotech products, for maximum performance. AIM series generators are air cooled, feature a digital power setting readout, and can be controlled manually or electronically by a simple external discrete signal from any ozone controller or ORP. 



AIM series ozone generators are designed to treat water flows from 1-100 gallon per minute (GPM).  The AIM series will continuously and efficiently produce copious amounts of ozone to oxidize heavy metals and reduce harmful bacteria.



Cold spark corona discharge technology makes the AIM series the best value and easiest to use ozone generators on the market. By controlling voltage, frequency, and air flow, the AIM series requires no external water chillers or cabinet coolers for maximized ozone production.



Ozone has been proven to kill bacteria faster than chlorine, eliminating the need for traditional chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide or chlorine typically used to disinfect water.  AIM series units are safe for the environment including septic systems. A simple annual cleaning is all that’s needed to provide 365 days of continuous ozone treatment of your water.

Ideal for the Following Applications:

•Water treatment



•Bottled water

•Commercial aquariums

AIM PCS 200 Ozone Generator

The AIM PCS 200 is a low cost solution for chemical-free water treatment applications and to help remove iron, manganese, foul tastes and odors from water.  Effective for treatment streams of up to 10 GPM for low level contaminants.

AIM PCS 400 Ozone Generator

The AIM PCS 400 offers maximum flexibility, efficiency, and effectiveness for a variety of applications. With the patented cold spark corona discharge technology built in, the AIM PCS 400 is able to adapt to many different configurations to select just the right setting for your specific application.  

AIM 20 Ozone Generator

AIM 20 ozone generator provides a safe, efficient method of helping to disinfect water against water-borne bacteria found within the water bottling process. The AIM 20 generator provides ozone treatment in accordance with FDA, USDA, and IBWA guidelines.

AIM Series Companion Products:

Power Prep Phoenix Oxygen Concentrator

  • For use with the AIM series
  • Dew point of -100˚ F
  • Airflow rates to 6.7 @ 4 PSI
  • Piston-based design
  • Higher ozone performance
Power Prep Phoenix-3L

LP Ozone Pump

  • Ozone resistant
  • Thin-walled, hard-coated anodized cylinder
  • Oil-less, non-lube PTFE piston seal
  • Permanently lubricated ball bearings
  • UL recognized motor & thermal protector
LP Ozone Pump

Venturi Injector

  • Requires no electrical connections
  • Runs dry with no problems
  • Provides considerable cost savings over other injection methods
  • Safe to use as the chemicals are injected under vacuum, not pressure
  Mazzei Valve

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