Desiccant Indicating Media Regeneration Procedure

When the moisture indicating desiccant media turns from blue to pink, it is time to regenerate the media, to ensure maximum service life. Follow the procedure below to regenerate your media:

1. Pre-heat oven to 250° F (120˚ C). Prepare a clean, dry baking pan.


2. Unscrew the DI Dryer 2.0 cartridge housing from the cap and remove the media cartridge.


3. Remove the threaded cap at the bottom of the media cartridge and carefully pour the media into the      baking pan. Spread media evenly.

*CAUTION: Avoid directly handling media. Do not breathe in media dust particles.*


4. Bake media, stirring occasionally until all beads turn back to blue. NOTE: Do not overheat the media.


5. Allow media to cool completely before returning to media cartridge. Re-install threaded cartridge cap.


6. Re-install the media cartridge into housing, install the dryer cap and return your DI Dryer 2.0 to service.

*CAUTION: Thoroughly wash hands after procedure.*

DI Dryer 2.0 Exploded View
Desiccant Media Color Chart