AIM 20 Ozone Generator

In addition to its effectiveness in disinfecting water against water-borne bacteria, the AIM 20 ozone generator boasts a user-friendly interface and robust construction, ensuring reliable performance in demanding industrial environments. Its design allows for easy integration into existing water bottling systems, providing seamless operation without requiring extensive modifications. The AIM 20 utilizes advanced ozone generation technology to achieve high levels of disinfection while minimizing environmental impact, making it a sustainable choice for water treatment applications.

With its compliance with FDA, USDA, and IBWA guidelines, the AIM 20 offers peace of mind to water bottling facilities, ensuring that their products meet stringent regulatory standards for quality and safety. Whether used in large-scale bottling plants or smaller production facilities, the AIM 20 ozone generator delivers consistent and efficient disinfection, safeguarding both product integrity and consumer health.


      • Water treatment

      • Aquaculture

      • Hydroponics

      • Bottled water

      • Commercial aquariums


      • Power: 200 Watts
      • Operating Voltage: 115 or 230 Vac
      • Operating Frequency: 50-60 Hz


      • Up to 16.36 grams per hour at 20 SCFH

Ozotech AIM 20 Ozone Generator

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