Keep Your Customers’ Softener Salt Tanks Full & Functioning

Salt Sensor® is an accurate and convenient way owners are notified when their water softener salt is low or out. The unit is a simple and affordable way for you to continue servicing your customers through repeat salt purchases, promotions, and other service opportunities.

The Salt Sensor® measures for the presence of salt in a water softener system and is installed on the outside of the brine tank, totally free of the salt environment, avoiding any corrosion to the unit. Once the salt level is below the unit, Salt Sensor will alert the owner it’s time to add salt to avoid the damaging effects of hard water.

Salt Sensor Unit (US Patents RE42,386, #7,030,768 and #10,497,248)

Continue customer connection: 

  • Efficient salt routes 
  • Dealer promotions
  • Detects equipment malfunctions

Use with salt subscription service

Allows for exceptional service

Creates better value/benefit to customers

Salt Sensor guy holding up a Salt Sensor unit

Your customers will call you directly for a salt delivery when they hear their Salt Sensor alarm, allowing you to set up a salt delivery right away.

Salt Sensor Operation Highlights:

• For pre-fill systems with grid plates

Easily attaches to the side of any salt tank

• Senses presence of salt through the wall of the tank

• No holes to drill or tank modifications needed 

• Unit is outside of the brine tank so there’s no corrosion

• Long battery life, up to three years

• Detects all types of salts used in water softener systems

• Battery operated transmitter (3-AAA)