Upgrade Your Iron Filtration Systems by Easily Adding Safe, Dependable Ozone

Ozotech EOG ozone technology is designed to work exclusively with Clack Corporation automatic water filter control valves. By adding our EOG component to an iron filtration system, your team will quickly see the positive impact of ozone including cleaner tanks and valvesmore effective filtration, increased customer satisfaction, and longer service cycles. An ozone clean iron filtration system is a robust iron filtration system.

Proven in-market by water treatment professionals! 

Ozone Disinfection is Proven to Reduce the Following from Water:

  • Iron
  • Iron-related bacteria
  • Magnesium
  • Manganese
  • Unwanted odors – rotten egg, stale, musty

 Collaborated with Clack engineering for use with valves with available relay. Does not affect the warranty of the Clack valve. Most major water treatment OEMs are using the EOG with Clack valves. 



 In just three steps, the compact EOG is designed to mount directly onto the Clack® control valve. Includes the patented stainless steel CD cell and features an all-weather enclosure. With no chemicals or pumps to maintain, EOG is a cost-effective method that provides more robust iron filtration. 



Featuring a patented process and thousands of systems operating in the field with proven results in markets across the United States, the EOG is CE certified and is now being sold globally. 



Ozone has been proven to reduce bacteria faster than chlorine, virtually eliminating the need for traditional chemicals used to disinfect water. The EOG is safe for the environment including use in municipal water and septic systems. 

Enhanced Oxidation Generator
Ozone Production Rate: 220 mg/hr
Power: 7.2 Watts
Voltage: 1120-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz regulated to 12 VDC
Current: .6 Amps
Dimensions: 7.5 “ L x 4 1/4” W x 2 3/8” D
Weight: 1.3 Lbs


How the EOG Works

The Enhanced Ozone Generator (EOG) is a water treatment system designed to oxidize, clean, and filter water while providing anti-microbial protection against nuisance bacteria and related odors. As a fully integrated part of this water treatment filter, the EOG system produces cleaner, better-tasting water without using or replacing chemicals.

Water entering the EOG system passes through an ozone layer where impurities are oxidized, deodorized, and enlarged so the filter can remove them and hold them until a backwash cycle is initiated. During the backwash cycle, the impurities are sent to drain and the ozone layer is replaced, ready to process another batch of crystal clean water.

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