Iron Filtration

There are several benefits to using an iron filtration system with ozone:

Cleaner Tanks and Valves: Using ozone in the iron filtration process oxidizes and strips biofilm from filtration media. Most oxidizing filtration medias lose efficiency when they are coated with biofilm from organisms within water. The repeated introduction of ozone to the media re-oxidizes the media and reduces the buildup of biofilm allowing the media to work as it was designed to and the tank and media stay clean and in optimal operating condition.

Longer Service Cycles: The use of ozone reduces iron related bacteria (IRB) build up and keeps a system clean and working effectively and efficiently of longer periods of time. Long-lasting results using ozone are achieved with a small amount of scheduled, annual maintenance, decreasing the number of service calls needed.

Higher Quality Water: Iron treatment systems with ozone provide more effective filtration equating to better cleaner, better tasting water.

No Harsh Chemicals: Water is filtered without using harmful chemicals other filtration systems may use and is more environmentally friendly.

Ozone Disinfection is Proven to Reduce the Following from Water:

  • Iron
  • Iron-related bacteria
  • Magnesium
  • Manganese
  • Unwanted odors – rotten egg, stale, musty

How the EOG Works

The Enhanced Ozone Generator (EOG) is a water treatment system designed to oxidize, clean, and filter water while providing anti-microbial protection against nuisance bacteria and related odors. As a fully integrated part of this water treatment filter, the EOG system produces cleaner, better-tasting water without using or replacing chemicals.

Water entering the EOG system passes through an ozone layer where impurities are oxidized, deodorized, and enlarged so the filter can remove them and hold them until a backwash cycle is initiated. During the backwash cycle, the impurities are sent to drain and the ozone layer is replaced, ready to process another batch of crystal clean water.

Ozotech EOG iron filtration process with descriptions

Air Preparation

Ozotech EOG Intake air dryer cartridge kit

EOG Air Dryer Kit

The EOG DI-Air Dryer Kit comes with everything you need to attach the DI Air Dryer to the EOG unit. Once attached to the EOG, the DI Dryer reduces maintenance due to moisture entering the ozone generator. Replacement dryers can be purchased separately from the kit.

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Ozone Generator

Ozotech EOG w/Sustainable Air Dryer

Enhanced Oxygen Generator

Ozotech EOG ozone technology is designed to work exclusively with Clack Corporation automatic water filter control valves. By adding our EOG component to an iron filtration system, your team will quickly see the positive impact of ozone including cleaner tanks and valvesmore effective filtration, increased customer satisfaction, and longer service cycles. An ozone clean iron filtration system is a robust iron filtration system.

  • Easy to install and built to last
  • Removes minerals such as iron and magnesium instantly
  • Safe for septic systems
  • Low maintenance
  • Helps to eliminate unwanted odors within water

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EOG 200 with Sustainable Air Dryer

Unleash the power of ozone technology to eliminate iron impurities paired with the convenience of an auto-regenerating air dryer, this comprehensive system not only purifies water but also enhances the overall efficiency of your water treatment process.

  • Dryer features auto-regenerative technology
  • Removes minerals such as iron and magnesium instantly
  • Safe for septic systems
  • Low maintenance
  • Consistent system performance
  • Ideal for high humidity environments

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