Please provide the answers to the questions below and submit to Ozotech for consideration as an Ozotech distributor partner. Responses can be emailed to ozotech@ozotech.com. Please contact our us at 530.842.4189 with any questions. Download a PDF version here.

Partner Information

What is the legal name of the distribution company?

Annual Gross Sales:

What countries/markets does the company currently sell in?

Company website:

Please provide complete contact information.

Ozotech Products

Will the distributor be selling Ozotech’s full range or specific products?

What are the products involved?

How do you plan to promote products you offer?

Sales Territory

What are the areas in which the products will be distributed?

Scope of Appointment

Is the partnership request for an exclusive distributorship or a non-exclusive distributorship? *Note: partnership is non-exclusive until volume dictates

Competitors’ Products

What competitive products within the ozone generation market do you currently sell or plan on selling in addition to Ozotech products?

Have questions? View our Distributor FAQs for more information.