Never Run Out of Water Softener Salt Again!

There has never been an easier way to know when your water softener needs salt until now! Most water softener systems are placed in closets, garages, or basements. Out of sight, out of mind, it seems you never know when you’re running low on salt until it’s too late. Salt Sensor® tells you!

Salt Sensor® measures for the presence of salt in a water softener system and is placed on the outside of the salt tank, totally free of the salt environment, avoiding any corrosion to the unit. Once the salt level is below the unit, Salt Sensor® will alert you it’s time to add salt to avoid the damaging effects of hard water.   

                  Benefits of Softened Water:

•No more stains on dishes or clothing

•No more dry skin or bad hair days

•Keep appliances and pipes clear, avoiding damage from hard water

Salt Sensor Unit (US Patents RE42,386, #7,030,768 and #10,497,248)

Operating Your Salt Sensor: Quick Guide

What do the lights indicate?

  1. Green flashing every 24 minutes, status OK
  2. Red flashing every 24 minutes, status salt low
  3. Flashing alternating green, blue, red indicates Salt Sensor is in startup mode
  4. Flashing blue 2X, resetting

What do the alarms indicate?

  1. When Salt Low condition is met, the Salt Sensor will beep 5 times over 5 seconds and flash the red LED with each beep.  It will continue this pattern every 24 minutes.
  2. When the battery is getting low on the Salt Sensor, it will beep twice every 15 minutes. This low battery warning will repeat until the batteries are drained.  Warning: If this state continues for too long, the Salt Sensor will eventually stop working.

How do I silence the alarm?

There are 2 different operator release points when pressing the operator button.

  1. Quick Touch <1s – Wakes up the Salt Sensor and displays the current status (green blinking LED (Salt OK) or red LED and beeping (salt low).
  2. A quick touch while it is red & beeping silences the beeper for 7 days, or a quick touch while it is blinking red only un-silences the beeper.
  3. A push & hold until it beeps resets the Salt Sensor.

Can the alarm only be silenced during beep cycle or can you wake it up and silence it? Example user wants to turn the beep off do they have to wait until it cycles 20 mins during beep cycle?

Currently if the unit is alarming, wake it up and it will start beeping and blinking red.  While it is doing that you push the button and it will silence it for 7 days.

Can the alarm be turned back on without risking a false calibration?

Yes, it’s the same process as above.  Push the button and it will only blink red.  While it is blinking red, push the button and the beeper is turned back on.

How do I get my Salt Sensor back to factory settings?

Hold the button down when you remove the batteries.  Then put the batteries back in with the insulator between the positive connection.