Never Run Out of Water Softener Salt Again!

There has never been an easier way to know when your water softener needs salt until now! Most water softener systems are placed in closets, garages, or basements and out of sight, out of mind and it seems you never know when you’re running low on salt until it’s too late. Salt Sensor tells you!

Salt Sensor® measures for the presence of salt in a water softener system and is placed on the outside of the salt tank, totally free of the salt environment, avoiding any corrosion to the unit. Once the salt level is below the unit, Salt Sensor will alert you it’s time to add salt to avoid the damaging effects of hard water.   

•No more stains on dishes or clothing

•No more dry sky or bad hair days

•Keep appliances and pipes clear, avoiding damage from hard water

•Avoid lugging lots of heavy salt bags

Salt Sensor Unit (US Patents RE42,386, #7,030,768 and #10,497,248)

When you hear the low salt alarm, just call your local water treatment dealer to schedule a salt delivery right to your door!  

Contact your local water treatment dealer to purchase the Salt Sensor today!

Salt Sensor Features/Benefits:

• Easily attaches to the side of any salt tank

• Senses salt level through the wall of the tank

• No holes to drill or tank modifications needed 

• Unit is outside of the brine tank so there’s no corrosion

• Long battery life up to three years

• Detects all types of salts used in water softener systems

• Battery operated transmitter (3-AAA)

• Simple to use