Bubble Diffusing Tank Treatment

Storage tanks using bubble diffusing treatment keep tanks fresh and clean while storing liquid for later use. In principal, by pumping ozone to the bottom center of the storage tank, the rising bubbles oxidize the water within the ozone column while the water from the tank recirculates downward and toward the center of the tank. Recirculation is made possible by surface tension around the ozone bubbles that carries the water in the center to the top. Calculations for the right sized AIM unit are based on the tank size which can be from 200 – 25,000 gallons.

Benefits of Bubble Diffusing Tank Treatment:

  • Keeps a clean tank clean
  • Helps to prevent bio growth
  • Easy stand-alone system

Typical Uses:

  • RO Storage tanks
  • Rainwater storage tanks
  • Industrial pure water storage
  • Aquaculture
  • Bottled water storage.

Components Needed:

  • Air drier or oxygen concentrator
  • Ozone resistant air pump
  • Ozone generator
Tank sanitizing ozone system using Ozotech products

Air Preparation

Ozotech Power Prep Phoenix Oxygen Concentrator

Power Prep Phoenix Oxygen Concentrator

Our state-of-the-art oxygen concentrator utilizes pressure swing adsorption (PSA) air separation technology resulting in outstanding oxygen purity and superior dew point. The Power Prep Phoenix is designed to boost outputs and concentration levels of ozone generators and has been enhanced for superior durability and reliability.

  • Dew point of -100˚ F
  • Air flow rates to 6.7 @ 4 PSI
  • Piston-based design
  • Higher ozone performance

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Air Dryer Series

Incredible quality and value in an ozone feed air treatment line that provides flawless service and performance. The air dryer line removes moisture from the air going into the ozone generator while dry air reduces the buildup of nitric acid in the ozone generator to increase ozone production.

DI Dryer 2.0

IQ-20 Dryer

IQ-40 Dryer

Ozone Generators

Dependable Ozone Generators

Our ozone generators offer maximum flexibility, efficiency, and effectiveness for a variety of applications. With cold spark corona discharge technology built in, Ozotech ozone generators are able to adapt to many different configurations. We can help you select just the right generator for your specific application.  

  • Quality construction is built to last
  • Designed for consistent ozone output
  • Low maintenance
  • Can easily integrate within existing systems




Ozone Resistant Pump

Ozone resistant pump for water treatment applications

LP Ozone Resistant Compressor/Vacuum Pump

LP ozone Pump is completely oil-less and comes with our relentless commitment to quality, performance, and overall service to our customers. Our business mindset is to provide customers with exactly what they require. Flexible component and product designs allow for a wide range of customization inflow and pressure performance, input power, port locations, accessories, and more!

  • Ozone resistant
  • Long service-free life
  • Low vibration & sound level
  • Corrosion resistance

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