The Importance of Maintaining Your Ozone Generator

Ozone generators play a crucial role in various industries, including water treatment. These devices are designed to produce ozone, a powerful oxidizing agent, which can effectively help reduce contaminants and improve the quality of air and water. However, to ensure the efficient and safe operation of these generators, regular cleaning of the corona discharge cell is essential as is inspecting check valves. We’ll explain why maintaining your ozone generator is important and how proper upkeep can ensure its efficiency and longevity.

Annual Cleaning/Replacement of Corona Discharge Cell

Cleaning a corona discharge cell within an ozone generator is a critical maintenance task that often goes overlooked. The following documents are available to help you with corona discharge cell maintenance:

Cleaning a Corona Discharge Cell

Replacing a Corona Discharge Cell 

Maintains Ozone Production Efficiency:

Over time, the corona discharge cell can accumulate contaminants like dust, oils, and other particulate matter. These deposits can obstruct the corona discharge process, reducing ozone production efficiency. Yearly cleaning helps to maintain optimal ozone output.

Enhances Ozone Purity:

Contaminants on the surface of the corona discharge cell can also lead to the generation of impurities and unwanted byproducts during the ozone generation process. Cleaning the cell ensures the ozone produced is of high purity, which is crucial for applications like water treatment.

Prevents Ozone Generator Damage:

Neglecting annual cleaning can result in the buildup of residues that may corrode or damage the corona discharge cell. Replacing a damaged cell can disrupt operations. Cleaning, on the other hand, is a cost-effective way to extend the cell’s lifespan and prevent repairs.

Reduces the Risk of Ozone Generator Failure:

A dirty corona discharge cell is more likely to experience overheating and electrical arcing, which can lead to generator failure. Routine cleaning helps prevent these issues, ensuring the ozone generator operates consistently and reliably.

Improves Safety:

Ozone generators can pose safety risks if not properly maintained. Accumulated contaminants may increase the risk of electrical arcing and ozone leakage, which can be hazardous to personnel. Regular cleaning reduces these risks and helps maintain a safe working environment.

Saves Energy:

A clean corona discharge cell operates more efficiently, requiring less energy to produce ozone. By regularly cleaning the cell, you can save on energy costs and reduce the environmental impact of ozone generation.


Inspecting and Replacing Check Valves

In addition to annual cell cleaning or replacement, Ozotech recommends inspecting check valves. It’s good practice to inspect check valves while you are also cleaning or replacing the corona discharge cell.

High Pressure Check Valve
    • Allows ozone gas to flow backward into the ozone generator that can damage internal components and tubing.
    • Can lead to fluctuations in ozone production, which can impact the effectiveness of the treatment process. Replacing the check valve ensures a steady and reliable ozone output.
    • Can result in reduced ozone production or inefficient operation, which can compromise the generator’s performance.


Annual maintenance of an ozone generator is vital for maintaining efficiency, purity, and safety. It not only extends the life of the generator but also ensures that it operates reliably and within regulatory standards. Neglecting this crucial maintenance task can lead to decreased performance, increased operational costs, and potential safety hazards. Therefore, including routine cleaning as part of your ozone generator maintenance schedule is essential for the success of ozone-based applications across various industries.


The Importance of Maintaining Your Ozone Generator