Humidity can cause havoc on systems and components.

To Dry or Not to Dry Air When Using Ozone in Your Aquarium

You don’t have to live in a high humidity climate to understand the havoc humidity can cause on machinery. Prolonged moisture can corrode metal components, eat away at electrical components causing shorts and failures, and creating a perfect storm for mold and mildew growth.

If that wasn’t bad enough, an aquarium by its very nature is a warm and humid environment poised to cause havoc if not regularly serviced. Luckily, air dryers are designed to remove moisture or humidity from the air before it goes into the ozone generator. Dry air allows the ozone generator to function optimally, resulting in higher ozone concentrations and more efficient ozone production.

There are generally two types of air dryers used within ozone ecosystems:

Desiccant Air Dryers

Like our DI Dryer 2.0, desiccant air dryers use a desiccant material, such as silica gel or activated alumina, to absorb moisture from the air. The desiccant material attracts and retains the water vapor, leaving the air dry. Periodically, the desiccant will need to be regenerated or replaced to maintain the dryer’s efficiency. Refer to our desiccant media regeneration process to learn our recommended method.

The Ozotech family of air dryers

Regenerative Electronic Air Dryers

A regenerative air dryer is used to remove moisture from the air much more conveniently. The air dryer works by passing the compressed air through a desiccant material, typically a type of drying agent like silica gel or activated alumina. As the desiccant material becomes saturated over time, it needs to be regenerated. The regeneration cycle involves removing the moisture from the desiccant so that it can be used again for drying the compressed air. This type of air dryer often operates in a continuous cycle, with alternating adsorption and regeneration stages. This ensures a continuous supply of dry compressed air. Our IQ-20 and IQ-40 air dryers feature a timed regeneration feature to make their use even easier.

Key benefits to using an air dryer with your ozone generator:

Efficient Ozone Generation: An air dryer helps remove moisture from the air, ensuring dry and clean air is supplied to ozone generators such as the Poseidon 200. Moisture can interfere with the ozone generation process and reduce its efficiency. Dry air promotes optimal ozone production, ensuring that you achieve the desired ozone levels in the water.

 Enhanced Ozone Output: Ozone generators function more effectively when supplied with dry air. By removing moisture from the air, an air dryer enables the ozone generator to generate ozone at its maximum capacity. This can result in higher ozone output, leading to improved disinfection or oxidation of contaminants in the water.

Longer Ozone Generator Lifespan: Moisture can be detrimental to the components of an ozone generator. It can cause corrosion, damage electrical connections, and reduce the overall lifespan of the equipment. By using an air dryer to remove moisture, you can help protect your ozone generator from potential damage and extend its operational life.

Ensure consistent ozone production for improved water quality in terms of clarity, taste, and odor.

Reduced Maintenance Requirements: An air dryer can help minimize the accumulation of moisture and condensation in the ozone generation system, including the ozone generator, piping, and other components. This reduced moisture content can translate into lower maintenance needs, such as cleaning and drying out the system, and potentially reduce the risk of component failure.

 Improved Water Quality: Ozone is a powerful oxidizing agent commonly used in aquarium applications to remove impurities, eliminate odors, and control microbial growth. By using an air dryer with an ozone generator, you can ensure consistent ozone production, leading to improved water quality in terms of clarity, taste, and odor.

With no two aquariums the same, we strongly recommend consulting the manuals and with one of our trained professions to ensure you are getting the best air possible for your ozone generator.  For more information about Ozotech and our line of air dryers, contact us today!

To Dry or Not to Dry Air When Using Ozone in Your Aquarium